Frequently asked questions

York Unlimited

What is the York Unlimited Giving Day?

The York Unlimited Giving Day is a time-limited online fundraising challenge commencing 9am GMT on Wednesday 6 November and running for 36-hours until 20.59.59pm GMT Thursday 7 November.

It is a chance for you to get together online with the University of York community, wherever you are in the world, and help every bright mind at York to fulfil its potential. Every gift counts, from every person.

Why get involved?

In short, you should get involved because the York Unlimited Giving Day gives you the opportunity to make a lasting difference both to the lives of York students now and in the future, but you can also help to shape groundbreaking initiatives to improve mental health services for everyone.

By giving, you can unlock larger gifts too! Find out more about how your support can unlock gifts worth thousands of pounds on our challenge page.

How do I get involved?

All you have to do is give to the University during the 36-hours of the York Unlimited Giving Day. Just click the donate button on All gifts count. You can also follow #YorkUnlimitedGivingDay and our social media channels on @UoYAlumni and @UniOfYork.

Is my gift automatically counted in the totals for the York Unlimited Giving Day?

If you give online through the form on the York Unlimited Giving Day website, your gift will automatically be added to the totals immediately. If you choose to donate via another gift form (such as our US taxpayers form) or on the telephone, your gift will be uploaded to the York Unlimited Giving Day website during a manual upload (usually one per hour). If matched funding is still available, your gift will also be matched during the manual upload.

Where will the funds go?

You can choose where your funds go to using the drop down list on the giving form. You can give either to support two of our flagship student scholarships, the York Opportunity Scholarship and the York Futures Scholarship, or you can give to support Mentally Fit York, our fund for groundbreaking research into mental health and on-the-ground initiatives that help improve mental health both at the University and in the City of York.

If you would prefer to give to another area of the University, email us at so that we can best direct you to an area that you may be interested in supporting. Wherever you choose to give, it’s your participation that matters most.

Can anyone participate in the York Unlimited Giving Day?

​Absolutely. Support from everyone in the University of York community counts on this day.

I’m not big on social media, so how else can I share?

Just email us at ​​ with a couple of quotes, an image or just your story of why you’re donating, and we will use it on our University of York social media channels during the Giving Day. You can also email and text your classmates to spread the word and inspire them to give!

Is my payment secure?

Yes. All payments through the York Unlimited Giving Day website will be securely processed by Stripe. Any gifts through our usual online giving channels are also processed securely.

There is a reference on my bank account to '', is this normal and how are they affiliated to the University of York? is part of Sponsorcraft – the site provider for the University of York’s giving day software. To process donations via the site, Hubbub uses an API integration to connect to our payment gateway, Stripe. At the time of making your gift, Stripe will verify your card for processing by placing a £0.00 transaction on your account with the reference ''. Card authentication 'mock-chargers' are used widely across the banking industry to verify that accounts are genuine, while also protecting you and your account against fraud. If you have further questions please contact a member of our team via ​

Is there another way to donate during the York Unlimited Giving Day, other than online?

Yes, if you’re interested in other ways that you can give, please email ​​​ or call +44 (0)01904 324 467 and we’ll be more than happy to help you make your gift.

​I still have questions. How can I get in touch?

Feel free to email us at​ or call +44 (0)1904 324 467.