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YuFund gives support to students and staff with projects which enhance the student experience at York. From individual awards to innovative projects that help set York apart, gifts of all sizes together make the biggest change.

As well as providing funding for development of projects (rather than operational costs), YuFund has also supported student access to these opportunities. For example, in 2022/23, YuFund provided funding for Activities Access Grants. These were available for students from less advantaged backgrounds, including care experienced students, students who are carers, disabled students and more. These grants allowed students to cover the cost of joining clubs and societies, costs many of them would otherwise not have been able to afford. Activities Access Grants also provided reimbursement for some participation costs, including items such as equipment, playing kit, transport costs and trip fees.

Without the support of generous YuFund donors, many students would be unable to take part in activities while at university, significantly impacting their student experience and even employability in the future.

“During the pandemic, we lost that system of interpersonal activity. We've struggled with keeping societies and clubs afloat through that period. We're only now seeing that legacy knowledge isn't being passed on as smoothly as previously. We've also noticed that volunteer groups tend to struggle recruiting volunteers because people have gotten used to being at home online, and means that all of that in person, ‘donate your time’ activities have fallen through almost entirely. We're seeing it come back now, but it's difficult to get back off the ground again.”

Pierrick, YUSU President

Clubs and societies are vital for the student experience, but also support physical and mental health, and enable students to learn and develop skills outside of their academic studies. YuFund not only helps make clubs and societies more financially accessible, but also supports their development. This is often in the form of equipment that allows more students to take part, or enables the club to excel at a higher level.

With your support this Giving Day during the University of York’s 60th anniversary year, we can help even more clubs and societies to develop for students now and into the future. Thank you.

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